Poverty: Homelessness

  • Poverty is something that transcends all nations, peoples, cultures, and religions. One issue impoverished people across the world face is homelessness. Even in the United States of America, countless numbers of people are homeless. To even receive most Welfare or governmental assistance in the United States of America, it is required that an applicant have a permanent residence with an address. This requirement ironically precludes a fairly sizable subset of impoverished Americans from receiving the assistance and help they'd need to no longer be homeless or prevent homelessness. The homeless usually have no address or permanent residence.

    There are many facets of the issue of poverty, from starvation to homelessness to health care. Impoverished people often lack even the most basic access to the most basic of human needs that most others often take for granted.
  • Dimensions: 24 inches by 18 inches
  • Materials: Paper Soft Pastel

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