GW2 Command

BETA Discontinued or paused development

GW2 Command allows you to view the current status, track scores, and rankings of Guild Wars 2 World versus World (WvW), events, maps, items, recipes, and more without having to log into the game or visit a website; all from your desktop.

GW2 Command is a desktop application for Microsoft Windows (.NET 4.5) that allows you to access and view the current status of events in Guild Wars 2 without logging into the game.

Implemented features:

  • General Features
    • Support for Logitech Gaming Series products (LED display, etc.)
  • WvW Map
    • View the WvW maps and current match-ups (both North America and Europe.)
    • View the scores for each server in the current match-up.
    • View the status of objectives
      • View which server currently owns it
      • View the status of Righteous Indignation and how much time left on the timer
      • See which guild has claimed it and special indication if your guild claims it
      • See the point point value of the objective
      • See if you have set alerts for the objective
    • Set alerts for objectives
      • Be notified when the (server) owner changes
      • Be notified when Righteous Indignation ends
      • Be notified when a specific server (green, red, or blue) captures the objective
    • Be alerted by computer generated voice, sounds playing, or via pop-up messages. * This option is set via the "Options" Window.
    • Log the objective events (data saved as XML)

Planned features:
  • More features and improvements to the WvW map interface.
  • Improved suppport and implementation for Logitech Gaming Series products.
  • Inclusion of world maps and events.
  • Inclusion of item and recipes.
  • Armor dye/color browser.
  • Localization for other languages supported by Guild Wars 2.

Known Bugs/Issues:

    ** This program is currently in Beta and is unsigned. This is known to cause issues with Norton Anti-virus (and others) and the IE 10 SmartScreen Filter when attempting to download/install this program. You must instruct your anti-virus to remove the "setup.exe" file from quarantine to install this program. You must also instruct the SmartScreen Filter to run the program anyways.

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