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DavidBandler.com has a No Spam policy. We will not send you email unless it is in response to you contacting us, sending us an email, or your request to be emailed newsletters or other similar types of messages from us. Newsletters and other such emails from us that you requested to receive will contain a link and/or instructions on how you can stop receiving these emails should you decide that you no longer wish to receive them. We do not spam and we do not solicit; if you receive such a type of message, it did not come from us at DavidBandler.com.

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DavidBandler.com provides email addresses and other means on this site for the purposes of communication from and with our consumers. In accordance with Kansas, United States of America, and International Laws, we do not provide these email addresses and methods for others to spam or solicit us, and doing so is a violation of the law. Collection or harvesting of the email addressses and methods we provide is in violation of the law and is prohibited. Usage of the email addresses and methods we provide to send us unrequested solicitations is in violation of the law and is prohibited.

When you send us unsolicited business advertisements or offers, or send us unrequested solicitations for business, or crawl this site for the purpose of collecting email addresses, or collect and sell email addresses from this site, you agree to pay us $10,000 USD, or the maximum allowed under US & Kansas Laws, per each solitication or incidence.

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